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About Elves

Elfriends live with Santa in the North Pole all year round and measure just 14 inches in height. The elves are always busy at Elf School doing projects such as wood work, computer science, and candy-cane-making. After the elves graduate from Elf School, they can work as one of Santa’s helpers in jobs such as toy maker, workshop supervisor, letter sorter, toy inventor, nice list administrator, and reindeer guide.

Elfriends live in tiny colourful cottages in the North Pole. The elves love to decorate their homes with candy canes and gingerbread, and they have Christmas lights on all year round. Elves love to eat cookies and candy, but Mrs. Claus ensures that the elves eat all their fruit and vegetables, too.

The North Pole is extremely chilly (sometimes -30 degrees!), but elves never get cold. They love to travel the world throughout the year to keep the Christmas magic alive. Because Santa is really busy, he sends his elf helpers to visit children around the world to encourage kindness and good behaviour. When the elves leave the North Pole, they only come alive when no one is watching. When the children are fast asleep, the elves update Santa during nightly visits back to the North Pole The elves don’t need much looking after when they are in your home, but they do appreciate having a comfortable bed to rest in. Elves have been known to sleep in a shoebox or the comforts of a sock drawer!

All of Santa’s elves are crafty, mischievous pranksters. They are particularly energetic during the holidays when the magic of Christmas is all around. Children’s happiness and belief in the magic of Christmas is what keeps the elves alive . . . and they live for a very long time.