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Christmas Elf Events

Here are some Elf-Events for your family to celebrate with your Elfriends:

6th Jan – North Pole Celebration Day: This is the last day of the holiday season before the elves are due back at Elf School. The elves love to use this day to spend time with family and friends. You can use this special day to write about all your special Elfriends moments or create a scrapbook to treasure forever.

10th Feb – National Kindness Day: Santa believes in the magic of kindness. Use ideas from the Acts of Kindness list to start a small ripple of kindness. This may turn into a wave that affects hundreds of lives!

17th Apr – Snowflake Day: Celebrate by making paper snowflakes and paper chains to decorate your home! If your elf isn’t with you, take some pictures to show him or her on a later date.

6th Jun – Elfriends Sports Day: This is one of the elves’ favorite days of the year, because it is right after they finish Elf School! Some of their favorite sports include sack races (you can join the race using pillow slips), egg and spoon races, and ice skating.

12th Aug – Northern Lights Celebration: Elfriends love to celebrate the Northern Lights with candy and cakes. Join their celebration and have a party with family and friends!

20th Oct – National Elfriends Day: Everyone can dress up as an elf on this day. Make an elf hat using paper, cello tape, and paint. Write to Santa to invite your elf to join you during the festive season, and your Elfriend should arrive in early December!

15th Dec – National Cup Cake Day: Elves love to bake! Make some cupcakes while the children are in bed, and enjoy the cupcakes together the next day to celebrate National Cup Cake Day!

26th Dec – Candy Cane Day: Because your elf will be back with Santa at the North Pole, use this day to enjoy time with family and friends. Relax, watch a Christmas movie, and enjoy some sweet Christmas treats.