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Elf Tradition

Our traditional Christmas elves join families at the beginning of the festive season and will bring an extra piece of magic to each home throughout their stay. These elves are sent from the North Pole to help Santa compile his Naughty and Nice Lists. It is each elf’s job to help your little ones make it onto the Nice List. The presence of the elf in your home should encourage good deeds, positive behaviour, and bring excitement to the daily routine.

At the beginning of the festive season your elf will arrive with a letter from Santa explaining why the elf has come to stay. As soon as the elf arrives, ask your little ones to choose a special name. This is a big decision for your child, and it will help your child feel important and connect personally to the elf.

Each night while the children are asleep, the elf will come to life to embark on all sorts of adventures. When the children wake up the next morning, they may find that the elf left treats following good behaviour, did something mischievous, or perhaps wrote a letter to encourage good deeds. Your Elfriend will give your family something new to look forward to every day!

Be sure that your elf is packed and ready to leave on Christmas Eve so he or she can help Santa deliver presents around the world. After hugs and goodbyes, place your elf under the Christmas tree or perhaps next to the cookies for Santa to pick up on his travels. After your elf delivers presents with Santa, he or she will return to the North Pole to attend Elf School, look after the reindeers, and prepare the toys for next Christmas.

Elfriends™ will help engage families in wonderful activities during the festive period.

Invite your own Christmas elf to stay and learn the tale of  Santa’s finest helpers.