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Christmas Elf FAQ’s

When do I start the tradition?

Usually the elves arrive early December, however, it’s your choice and your elf can join your family at any time. It’s never too early or too late!

What age group will enjoy the Elf tradition?

Our elf toy is suitable for ages 3+ due to small parts on the elf (little buttons) and can be enjoyed right through until adulthood as your elf will become part of your family.

Are the toys safe for children?

Absolutely, we pride ourselves in providing a safe, family-oriented product. We maintain the highest safety standards and we are proud to be in full compliance with the CE regulations.

When will I receive my elf?

Our goal is to process your order as quickly as possible. Once payment has been confirmed we will process your order.

All orders will be sent within 48 hours of receipt of payment via Royal Mail Signed for 2nd Class. Royal Mail Signed for 1st Class is also available for £4.30 and can be selected when placing your order. (Any orders placed on a Friday will be processed on the following Monday)

Royal mail aim to deliver 2nd class parcels within 2-3 working days and 1st class within 1-2 working days.

If your item isn’t received within expected timescales please check with your local post office. Royal Mail will only pay compensation once 15 working days have passed since the item was dispatched.

If there is still no sign of your parcel, please contact us and we look into it further for you.

Will it be obvious that my shipment is from Elfriends™?

No, Santa has ensured that your Elfriends™ packs will arrive in a plain unbranded box. Children won’t be able to see the magic inside!

Can these be used in schools/nurseries?

Yes 😉 Our product can be used in schools and nurseries as well as at home. Preschool is a dramatic and creative age. Many conversations between preschool friends start with “Let’s pretend . . .” Children become interested in playing with each other instead of playing alone. The elves can become props for cooperative play or simply a topic to explore with children to encourage positive conversation. The elves can build unity in the classroom through their daily acts of kindness and their excitement to play.

I have 3 children, do I need 3 elves?

Not at all, however, the choice is yours. You can have 1 family elf or an elf for each child. Additional siblings’ packs can be purchased for families adopting 1 elf and need additional items such as reward charts. Please see our products for more information.

Why does the elf not stay all year round?

Our Elfriends™ have a very important job in the North Pole and attend Elf School doing projects such as wood work, computer science, and candy-cane-making. After the elves graduate from Elf School, they work as one of Santa’s helpers in jobs such as toy maker, workshop supervisor, letter sorter, toy inventor, nice list administrator, and reindeer guide… to name a few!

Do the elves go to the North Pole every night?

Yes our Elfriends™ return to the North Pole each night so he or she can report back to Santa. This helps Santa and your elf keep the most up-to-date record of what you’ve been up to! All good we hope!

Why have you changed the elves?

We constantly look for ways to improve our product and with the help of a new designer, we have created a new elf. The only difference from our older (original) elves to our newer elves are the smiles. Created with the same amount of love and care, our new elves will be sprinkling some magic in 2016!

Why do the elves have a change of clothes?

Because the elves work hard all year round, Santa is happy to let them return to visit every once in a while. Your elf can always re-join your family throughout the year for birthdays or other special occasions. The elves can act as a good support to your little ones on the first day of school, before a trip to the dentist, or on a day when your child simply needs encouragement.

You can celebrate family events or look up Elf-Events to enjoy with your elf! The elves do, however, need to return to the North Pole to attend Elf School, so they mustn’t stay too long. Our elves come with an extra item of clothing to change into for additional activities with your family.

Any time of year is a good time to enjoy elf moments with your family.

How do I pay?

Our preferred method of payment is via PayPal. PayPal allows any business or individual with an email address to securely, conveniently, and cost-effectively send payments online. You don’t need to have a PayPal account for this.

Bank transfer, cash, or cheque can be accepted. Please contact us for details.

I want to return my item

We will do all we can to ensure you are happy with your purchase. However, if you want to return a product, please contact us within seven days to arrange the return. Once you have contacted us, please package the product securely and return it to us.

We ask that you look after the product whilst it is in your possession so that the product is returned in re-saleable condition. Please send us all the original packaging, tags, labels, and accessories.

If you are returning a damaged or faulty product, we will pay the cost of your return. If your return is for any other reason, you are responsible for the cost of the return.

I am a retailer, can I stock Elfriends™

Retailers can apply to become an Elfriends™ supplier by simply using our on-line contact form.

I want more information

No problem, if you simply want more information on our elf tradition, product or service we are happy to help.

We would also love to have your feedback.

Just email us at info@elfriends.co.uk or text/call 07907 445781

I am not happy

Please give us the opportunity to make you happy. We are willing to help you out with any problems you have with our products or service. Please contact us if any of the following problems occurs:


Your goods haven’t arrived.
Your order isn’t what you’d expected.
You need to query a payment.
You need to make a complaint.


We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and will do everything we can to resolve any issues.

Why choose Elfriends™?

Elfriends™ are entirely unique and there are no other elves like them. Our elves have been carefully designed with children in mind and comply with EN safety regulations. We believe our beautifully crafted elves will create lasting memories for you and your family for years to come. When your elf has been introduced to the family, it will become the child’s best friend. Elfriends™ like to be cuddled and played with all day long and love to go on family trips too.

Our elves come with an additional set of clothing to allow your elf to dress up for parties or even visit throughout the year for birthdays and other celebrations!

We review our product and pricing on a regular basis to ensure that you, our customer, get the best product for the best price

We pride ourselves on creating a high quality customer experience from ordering through to after sales and welcome feedback at all times.

Join us at Elfriends™ to create your own timeless Christmas Elf tradition.

Where else can I find you?

We operate on Facebook and twitter, please visit the pages to keep up to date.


So how does it work?

Our traditional Christmas elves join families at the beginning of the festive season and will bring an extra piece of magic to each home throughout their stay. These elves are sent from the North Pole to help Santa compile his Naughty and Nice Lists. It is each elf’s job to help your little ones make it onto the Nice List. The presence of the elf in your home should encourage good behavior.

Each night while the children are asleep, the elf will come to life to embark on all sorts of adventures. It’s the parents, carers or teachers job to make the magic happen and set up the mischief!! When the children wake up the next morning, they may find that the elf left treats following good behaviour, did something fun, or perhaps wrote a letter to encourage good deeds.

Invite your own Christmas elf to stay and learn the tale of Santa’s finest helpers.

What will be inside my magic elf pack?

Our Elfriends ™ Christmas Elf will arrive with a North Pole passport and welcome letter explaining why your elf has arrived. It also has an Elf adoption certificate confirming that your Elf has been officially adopted by your family, a reward chart & stickers to encourage good behavior and a note book for your little one to record memories, draw pictures or even attach some photos.

You will also receive blank letter to Santa that your Elf can take back to the North Pole or traditionally posted!

There will be a farewell letter to say goodbye on Christmas Eve and an Official Nice List Certificate.

All of our elves will come with an extra piece of clothing (pink or blue) that can be used to attend Christmas parties, trips to see Santa or celebrate a birthdays throughout the year! The list is endless 😉

Don’t worry about having to think of your own Elf antics, we will include a list of Elfabetical activities to give you lots of fun ideas.

Our elf packs come packaged in your very own Elfriends ™ drawstring bag to keep them safe.

Our Elf packs have everything to begin this magical Christmas Elf Tradition.

What happens after Christmas

Your elves must return to the North Pole to attend Elf School and begin toy making for next years’ presents. Don’t forget that your elf can return to celebrate special occasions, but can’t stay too long as there’s lots of work to be done in the North Pole 😉

Is Elfriends™ a family run business?

Yes, our family run business have created and perfected our elves over several years, taking inspiration from our children and our own childhood memories.

We have designed a Christmas Elf that our children love and we sincerely hope that our elves bring joy and happiness to families around the world.